Welcome to the Romney Assembly of God Church

          "Embracing Our Community With God's Love" 

It is our passion for people to experience the presence, power and purpose of God in their lives. We gather as a church family to worship and exalt the name of Jesus. We believe it is God's intention to touch the people of Hampshire County with His love and to change the destiny of all who will trust Him. At Romney Assembly we work especially hard at being an inclusive faith community where people from all walks of life feel comfortable worshipping and working together.  Dress is casual to suit and tie.

Our worship
 a mixture of traditional and contemporary. 

  • We offer various programs for the entire family.
  • Please consider this your invitation to come visit us during one of our services.
  • Journey through our site and see what we have to offer you.  
  • Please sign our guest book and let us know what you think or if there are any questions we can answer.





 Romney Assembly of God • Rt. 28N,
 87 Mitchell St.  • Romney, WV 26757

Across the highway from 

Romney Cycles

(304) 822-4263


All visitors are welcome to sign our:



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